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Our Perspective on Laser Training Choices

How does a prospective client choose where to go for laser tattoo removal training? Many clients ask us questions about the cost, duration, amounts of hands-on training, and experience of our instructors. What few people ask us is what they should be looking for when considering tattoo removal training. Here are a few issues we'd suggest:

laser tattoo removal training1) Does the laser training college specialize in tattoo removal training or offer it as an after-thought along with numerous other courses?

New Look Laser College is the only laser training college to exclusively offer courses in laser tattoo removal. Our background as expert providers of laser tattoo removal procedures has led us to want to share our knowledge on the procedure that we are nationally-renown for offering at our clinics. Our laser-focus on this one area of instruction helps you get the very best instruction - you can ask detailed questions and we'll have the answers. You'll also be able to observe an active laser tattoo removal clinic and see the patient-flow and day-to-day practices.

2) Do the instructors have education and experience in the area in which they instruct?

New Look Laser College's staff includes physicians, nurse practitioners, certified laser specialists, and business leaders. The Chief Instructor and Nurse Practitioner has completed thousands of laser tattoo removal procedures and trained dozens of laser specialists, as well as worked in a variety of medical settings including oncology, hospice, dermatology, allergy, pain management, and weight loss. The Director is one of the leading entrepreneurs in the US in the medical clinic field, having set up several multi-million dollar chains.

tattoo removal3) Does the clinic use the most advanced training equipment?

New Look Laser College is pleased to use the world's most advanced tattoo removal lasers - the Astanza Duality and the Astanza Trinity. The first laser is q-switched, Nd:YAG lasers with dual wavelengths to remove a wide range of colors. The third is a combination 1 Joule Nd:YAG and 1.2 Joule Ruby system that is able to remove virtually all colors of tattoo ink, including blue and green. While we train our students on these machines because our experience has shown it to be the most efficacious, we will provide guidance and parameters for other tattoo removal lasers.

4) Do you get a guarantee for hands-on training?

Hands-on laser training is one of the most important criteria you should be evaluating when considering which laser college to attend. New Look Laser College is widely-regarded as the leader in offering the most hands-on training of any laser college. Our belief is that hours upon hours of classroom training, unless combined with real, practical experience with the laser, is not sufficient for students to go into the clinic with. New Look Laser College will guarantee you at least 10 real treatments that are closely supervised by our instructors. No one walks away unsatisfied with the amount of time they've spent doing real laser tattoo removal treatments.

5) What is a Medical Director and will I need one?

Regulations vary by state regarding who can operate a laser for tattoo removal treatments. In many states, non-medical practitioners can perform laser tattoo removal as long as they are supervised by or delegated authority by a physician serving as "medical director" of the clinic. In almost every state you will need a physician to perform this role which involves being available to provide medical guidance or services in case of rare complications and to establish protocols for the operation of the clinic. New Look Laser College offers students of its laser tattoo removal training program help in establishing a relationship with a medical director and provides templates that our laser training students can use to set up this relationship.

6) Is your course long enough to teach me everything that I need to know?

The length of a course - by itself - is a very poor indication of the amount of learning that will be achieved by a students. You probably remember taking semester-long courses from high school or college that were lengthy but completely forgettable years after the fact. New Look Laser College's course is designed for people who are motivated to learn about a fast-growing and exciting new field. Laser tattoo removal is a relatively simple aesthetic procedure with very rare complications when the proper equipment is used and basic safety protocols are followed.

New Look Laser College's Harvard-educated staff provide laser training students with everything they'll need to know to safely and effectively perform laser tattoo removal. By the end of our course you'll have learned everything you need to know about tattoos, how lasers work, how tattoos and lasers interact with the skin, how the skin heals and changes, the types of lasers and equipment used for tattoo removal, how to interact with real patients, how much to charge for tattoo removal procedure, how to answer common and uncommon patients questions, what colors and types of ink are easy or difficult to remove, and hundreds of other things.

Contact us at 713-783-2000 to learn more about laser tattoo removal training at New Look Laser College.

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